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E-PODE Scaling UP Health Promotion : healthier youth through new innovations

EIN together with a consortium of associated and collaborating partners including International Sport and Culture Association,  JOGG, SETS, Eurobis, SALTO, VIASANO, Windesheim University, LCA, C3 Collaborating for Health, University of Durham, Sustainable Brain Health Institute, City of Birmingham, McKinsey, Vitality Group, Strategic Social Marketing among others from public and private sectors submitted a European Union grant application for a new and exciting project “E-PODE Scaling UP Health Promotion”.

E-PODE SCALING UP HEALTH PROMOTION will aim to identify, disseminate and promote the uptake of EPODE’s evidence-based and good practices for cost-effective health promotion and NCDs prevention strategies across EU Member States. In a fast changing environment, this project will build around an Innovation Lab to develop and integrate new solutions based on existing Community-Based Programmes (CBP) experiences and needs. This model will aim to facilitate the mass dissemination and large-scale deployment of E-PODE CBP across all EU Member States at a lower cost.

Now that EPODE Community–base programme model has shown its effectiveness, we would like to share its evidence-based research for the benefit of all EU countries. Our aim is to achieve this through new technologies in information and communications, which will aim to facilitate innovative initiatives that we will put into place.

We aim to achieve this by integrating, testing and optimizing strategies in selected communities across Europe through EIN member community-based programmes and specifically by:

-The creation of an Innovation Lab together with the communities and directors of our 3 previous Pan-European projects with the EU Commission’s support: EPODE EUROPEAN NETWORK (EEN 2009-2011),  EPODE FOR THE PROMOTION OF HEALTH EQUITY (EPHE 2013-2015) and OBESITY PREVENTION THROUGH THE EUROPEAN NETWORK (OPEN 2014-2016).  The Innovation Lab will be a ‘think tank’ for a multi-stakeholder group of experts from science, technology and business sectors in order for them to find collaborative solutions for the benefit of the existing CBPs. To sustain this innovation lab and raise awareness among and for the youth, the project will create a challenge called ‘ Trigger 4 Change’. “Trigger 4 Change”, encourages young adults from around EU and the world to reflect on ways to mobilise adolescents to lead healthier, more active lives.

A focus will be on the development of tools and innovative strategies in order to disseminate our most current research findings as widely as possible and in the most sustainable and cost effective manner for the benefit of the disadvantaged populations and teens.  We will Identify and address the health inequities within the populations and mapping the needs of the disadvantaged, including migrant groups to promote parenting skills, health literacy etc. (EPHE)

A full-scale in-field test /applied research in 5 partner programme communities: we will apply these innovative solutions in the field through our selected 5 CBPs in Austria (SALTO), Belgium (VIASANO), Italy (EUROBIS), Romania (SETS), The Netherlands (JOGG) in order to confirm the viability of these solutions and optimise them in these chosen communities through capacity building and scaling up (OPEN)

We will Assess E-PODE CBP economic impact: Health Technology Assessment through an ROI Cost Effectiveness Study: we aim to prove CBP sustainability to payers, both public and private; a demonstration that investing in prevention through CBP is more cost effective than paying for treatment/care

Dissemination of E-PODE on large-scale across all EU MS through innovative online and offline strategies beginning with scientific and political channels  through the creation of a ‘Go-to-market’ E-PODE franchise model for dissemination to governments across the globe.