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EIN heads to Amsterdam for European Obesity Forum 2016


The 2016 European Obesity Forum (EOF 2016) will take place on 24 and 25 November in Amsterdam with 25 November dedicated to the closing ceremony of the EU /EIN co-funded OPEN project. The network’s European and international members will gather in the Dutch capital to share best practices, meet old friends and form new partnerships.

Before start of this year’s congress, the representatives of RiseVermont programme from the US will receive training and coaching from EIN’s CBP experts and visit cities participating in the JOGG programme with the representatives of EIN’s Belgian member, the Viasano programme.

The first day of the EOF 2016, November 24, will be dedicated to the Freshers programmes. During this day, the Freshers programmes will participate in capacity-building workshops and learn about the future developments of EIN. During the evening, participants will have the opportunity to network in an informal setting while exploring the beautiful city of Amsterdam on a boat cruise.

EOF 2016 will conclude with the closing event of the the highly successful OPEN project which is finishing its three year run at the end of 2016. The OPEN closing event will offer a diverse programme which is focusing on objectives of the OPEN programme:

  • Targeting adolescents in community-based programmes aiming at preventing obesity
  • Scaling-up community based programmes (CBPs) for the prevention of childhood obesity

These two topics will be discussed in the various presentations and workshops where participants will be able to share their experiences and get feedback from leading experts in the field. The OPEN closing event will also present the innovative grassroots work, the 13 OPEN project partners have been working on during the past  three years with adolescents in their local communities. Each partner has prepared a short video on their adolescent activities which will be shown during the OPEN closing event.


For more information and registrations to European Obesity Forum 2016, click here