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Epode International Network



EIN members represent a wide range of community-based programmes or healthy active initiatives from around the world. They cover a spectrum of contexts, together forming a pool of experience and knowledge.

EIN actively supports the development of its members through several activities:


Knowledge and skills


  • Capacity and capability workshops for coordinators of member programmes (social marketing, press relation management…) ensuring best practice sharing
  • Meetings with key stakeholders (politics, scientists, public health actors…)
  • Taskforces to strengthen approaches to monitoring and evaluation
  • Common best practices and interventions database with a special focus on actions and guidelines to target deprived populations




  • Tailored support provided to identify funding partners and develop relationships with public officials
  • Public-Private Partnership Taskforce to ensure full transparency and avoid conflict of interest issues
  • Easy to use commitment charter to develop funding from different sectors (corporate, public, foundations…)
  • Connecting Community-Based member programmes with multi-stakeholders




  • Support the dissemination of results and improve legitimacy
  • Scientific communication and publications
  • Presentation at national and international conferences/congresses
  • Meetings with key stakeholders (politics, scientists, policy makers, public health actors…)
  • Scientific collaboration in research projects (EPHE & OPEN)


Bringing members together


  • Regional and global events during which EIN members have the opportunity to participate in capacity-building workshops and share best practices with other members.


We are always happy to welcome new members to our expanding international network. If you have other questions about EIN, send an email to


The membership fee is at €100 annually.