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Community-Based Programme

A Community-Based Programme (CBP) is an organised programme within the community which carries out intervetions or actions (activities) in its schools and family settings within the community at large. Political endorsement and multistakeholder support is crucial. For a programme to be classed as a CBP, the programme must be securely embedded in the community and should benefit from local political and private support. Furthermore, it should mobilise all stakeholders within the community.


Finally, in order to be classed as a Community-Based Programme, the programme must adhere to all five pillars of the EPODE methodology:


  • Scientific and multidisciplinary evaluation


  • Strong political commitment


  • Support services and communication inspired from social marketing techniques


  • Mobilization of resources including Public-Private Partnerships


  • Secondary prevention.


The following EIN member programmes are currently classed as CBPs:


North and South America:

  • Healthy Kids Community Challenge
  • Programa global de ninos saludables nutrir
  • Elige vivir sano
  • Rise Vermont (RISEVT)
  • BikeSafe Program



  • SWEET Project
  • EPODE Flandre Lys
  • JOGG
  • SALTO – Salzburg together against obesity
  • Eurobis
  • Petica – Play for health
  • Keep Fit!
  • Gyermekek Egeszsege Program -Gyere
  • I’m living healthy too! – SETS
  • Salud Madrid
  • Healthy Kids Bulgaria
  • Basord
  • Healthy Traditions Romania
  • CESPIS Cyprus
  • Tackling Childhood Obesity Together (TCOT)
  • ISCA
  • Camp Germany


  • OPAL