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CESIP, Cyprus Elementary School Intervention Program is in agreement to the EPODE Scope and methodology. It aims in including a capacity approach aiming in reducing childhood obesity through a school based program that involves local environments, families and communities .Our target is school children and their parents through a process that involves school teachers and local stakeholders. Through the process of Leadreship Interviews and Focus groups we manged to get involved the local authorities, the president of the health Commitee of the Parliament, the teachers professional Association, the parents association in order to formulate a program according to the demand identified

EPODE 4 Pillars   were met through the program CESIP

  •  Strong Political Commitment- through the support of the Ministry of Education, through the cooperation of the Cyprus Sports association , the president of Health Committee in the parliament , and the president of the Children rights for Cyprus
  • Resources P&P – funding by a private company
  • Support services – social marketting techniques, sending sms, theater
  • Evidence – Focus groups to discuss the overall attitude, leadreships interviews, questionnaires and evaluations.



Public organisations

  • Ministry of Education, Cyprus Sports Association . Ministry of health , President for Child Rights Protection Officer
  • Ministry of Education , Schools
  • The Limassol College , European University Center
  • The Limassol Collage research center

Political representatives

  • Under the auspices of the Ministry of Educatiom ___ Under the auspices of the first Lady of Cyprus
  • President of the Health Committee of the parliament
  • School parents association
  • President for the Children Rights



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