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The PFP was designed and developed based on a review of the evidence for childhood interventions and their effectiveness on behaviour change. The PFP is a preventative behaviour change intervention, educating and empowering schools, their pupils and the wider school community to improve knowledge and understanding of key healthy lifestyle issues around healthy eating and physical activity. The programme aim is to generate an improvement in knowledge of healthy eating and physical activity messages, and to empower pupils to enable a behaviour change shift promoting an improvement in healthy eating behaviours (↑fruit & veg. intakes, ↑ water intakes, ↑ breakfast consumption, ↓ high fat/sugary foods/drinks) and physical activity participation.

PhunkyFoods is a unique and an innovative primary school programme of healthy eating and physical activity lesson plans and resources. We provide teachers and teaching assistants with all the tools and training they need to deliver top quality, fun healthy eating and physical activity lessons in school. Our programme delivery is flexible and schools may choose to deliver the lessons in a number of different ways; as a full or part-PPA solution; during the taught curriculum; or as a club such as a breakfast, after-school or lunch club.

Key stakeholders

– Schools – staff, pupils, parents and wider school communities

– Regional and national public health teams

– Regional and national education authorities

– School caterers


Public Private Partnership members

– Nestlé


Jennie holds both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in human nutrition, is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist, and has been working in nutrition for the past 15 years. Jennie has considerable experience of working in a variety of settings. A strong academic grounding has been more recently backed up with considerable commercial and public health experience. The PhunkyFood’s Programme (PFP) has been developed, written and delivered by Jennie and her team of nutritionists over the past 8 years. Jennie is an active member of the Nutrition Society and the Association for Nutrition, and currently sits on the Registration Committee for the Association for Nutrition.

Jennie COCKROFT, Director Of Nutrition & Web Editor

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