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The purpose of the Agita Mundo Network is to promote physical activity as a healthy behaviour for people all around the world.

The Agita Mundo Network:

  • stimulates research
  • encourages the dissemination of information on the health benefits of physical activity and effective strategies to increase physical activity
  • advocates for physical activity and health
  • supports the development of national and local programmes and networks that promote physical activity.

The Agita Mundo Network was launched on October 2002, when a group of institutions, representing different parts of the world approved the “Declaration from São Paulo to promote Physical Activity in the Word”.

The Agita São Paulo programme was developed to combat the low levels of physical activity amongst residents of the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The Portuguese word ‘Agita’ means to move the body, but the term also includes considerations of the mind, social health and citizenship. The programme encourages residents of São Paulo to accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day, and this message is supported by the programme’s mascot ‘half-hour man’. To encourage people to become more physically active, the Agita São Paulo programme seeks to deliver interventions that impact on interpersonal, social and physical environmental factors. This has included: non-paid mass media; promotional giveaways; annual mega-events in the community for adults and children (Agita Galera); influencing policies, statutes and laws; improving physical environments; and working with health professionals to ‘prescribe’ physical activity.

The programme has two boards that are part of its structure: the Scientific Board and the Executive Board. The Executive Board includes more than 300 governmental, non-governmental, and private organisations that have joined the programme. These groups represent sectors ranging from health, education, and sports to industry, workers, and the environment. Those organisations are directly responsible for planning, organising, and carrying out the programme’s multiple activities intended to disseminate its message in the community.


Graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Santa Casa de São Paulo (1973) and is a PhD in Medicine at Gama Filho University. He is currently scientific director of the Center of Studies of the Physical Fitness Research Laboratory from São Caetano do Sul, general coordinator of the Agita São Paulo Program – State Department of Health of São Paulo, Vice President of ICSSPE – International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education , general coordinator – Agita Mundo Network, member of the sports nutrition – International Olympic Committee, member – International Council for Physical Activity and Fitness Research, general Coordinator – Agita São Paulo Program and director general of the Physical Activity Network of the Americas. He has experience in Physical Education with emphasis in Physical Education, acting on the following topics: physical activity, health, sports, fitness and experience level.

Victor MATSUDO, Programme coordinator

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