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CamP Group gGmbH

History & background information

CamP Group gGmbH is a “Think-and-Do-Tank“ that created in 2013 as an umbrella organization to unite our major programmes Boxgirls International and RespAct. With our programmes we address deep rooted social problems by using well-established pedagogical practices to encourage social participation among children and young adults. The business area “Think-Tank” combines new research findings with tried and tested field practices. Our goal is to solve social problems through sound research and to shape politics through research, advocacy and consulting. As a “Do-Tank” we work to eliminate social problems by developing and implementing projects in the area of sports, social participation, democracy and political engagement which contribute to solving social problems. Through our programmes we aim to support disadvantaged children and communities in leading healthy and active lifestyles.

In 2001 Boxgirls International began its work in Berlin, and became a model project for Germany for the United Nations International Year of Sports and Physical Education 2005. Boxgirls is using boxing as a catalyst for social change so that girls and young women are empowered to shape their lives in positive ways. Two years later Boxgirls was invited by Nike and USAID to be a founding member of the Sport for Social Change Network in East Africa. In 2007 Boxgirls partnered with local activists to create Boxgirls Kenya in the urban estates of Nairobi. Shortly afterwards in 2009, Boxgirls was invited to work in primary schools in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa.

RespAct is a pedagogical project with emphasis on democratic and sports-related learning. During our workshops, children learn strategies to improve their immediate surroundings and to begin  implementing changes in partnership with local leadership, political figures and business representatives. JumpIn is a sports project that engages minor refugees in „welcome-classes“ and their peers from regular classes in joint physical activity. Through movement and sports, JumpIn facilitates communication and cooperation between young migrants and non-migrants.


Countries: Germany, South Africa

Name of the organization: CamP Group gGmbH 

Our programmes: RespAct, Boxgirls International

Date of programme creation: 2010

Number of participants reached: over 75000 children in 2015

Cities involved: 10 (i.e. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cape Town, Kabul, Nairobi)

Current team members: 10 (Germany), 17 (South Africa)




– getting over 70 000 young people moving and healthy

– reaching and supporting almost 1000 girls in post-conflict, unstable, hostile environments

– engaging ca. 100 teachers a year in new methodologies and approaches to effectively support young people to be fit and healthy

– running over 20 community events to raise awareness about child protection and social participation in Germany and South Africa in 2015

– building sustainable and fast developing community-based programmes in South Africa and Germany

– engaging young migrants and non-migrants in physical activity while helping them get to know each other

– creating jobs for women from the community in Khayelitsha

– cooperating with international and local partners (GIZ, UNOSDP, UN Women, Ashoka, German Sports University Cologne, University of Western Cape, German Ministry of Education, Afghani Ministry of Education)

– evaluation results showed improved self-esteem, resilience, social support, social skills and academic performance of the participants of our programmes



– Working in hostile, or even violent, environments with young girls and women

– unstable socioeconomic situations in South Africa and Afghanistan

– Reaching and engaging parents in disadvantaged communities

– unlocking and using the full potential offered by delivering digital education materials

– working in schools and communities with incredibly limited time and material resources


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