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Healthy Living Israel

Healthy Living, Israel a media-led initiative, promoting healthy lifestyles as “hip” among youth and families


Healthy Living is an Israeli program, led by Ananey Communications, which has recruited its creative minds and media platforms, such as Nickelodeon & MTV Israel, to lead a nation-wide change.

Launched in October 2012, Healthy Living’s underlying concept is that changing lifestyle requires a normative cultural change, in which the media plays a major role.

We focus on 3 major values, represented by the triangular logo: Healthy eating, physical activity and adequate sleep.


Healthy Living in ORT- a joint venture with an educational network, taking place in 4 middle schools where young leaders are provided with tools to promote healthy behaviors among peers.

Each year we reach 500 students, 120 teachers and 250 parents.

Weekly healthy tips are distributed to staff and parents via  Image1

Peaks of activity, organized at the schools, are filmed and broadcasted on MTV Israel.

An assortment of these videos:


Healthy Living in the City


We developed a community-based model that utilizes the new media platforms to increase implementation and scalability.

Teamgo is a newly launched social sports application, allowing users to create, lead and search group exercises in their neighborhood. Group activity improves participation rates, while gamification creates a fun and rewarding experience. The app provides continuous feedback on behavior. Personalized health promoting materials are pushed as short notifications and videos.

Partnership with local authorities allows to tailor the activities and messages to the characteristics and needs of the community while utilizing local resources and creating an enabling city environment.


healthy living  1

On November 2016 the venture will be launched and pilot tested in Karmiel, a city of 44,000 residents, while two more cities are set to join the pilot during 2017.

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