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Public Private Partnership

Public Private Partnerships: Continuity through collaboration

In today’s economic climate, health budgets around the world are being cut, threatening the prevention of overweight and obesity. The key issue today is the sustainability of programmes and one way to ensure this is through Public-Private Partnership Platforms (PPPs).

Many EIN members collaborate closely with representatives of the civil society, corporate sector, NGOs and institutions to stimulate multi-stakeholder, concerted and coordinated partnerships that support the implementation of CBPs around the world.

Multi-stakeholder approaches facilitate large-scale campaigns. The collaboration of these two sectors is complimentary in health promotion programmes and EIN members often refer to the expertise and implementation support that public partners can bring, in comparison to the private sector which is known for ensuring financial stability, raising awareness of the issue at hand and sharing its corporate expertise.

EIN continues to forge links between the public and private sectors, enabling each of them to understand the character and needs of the other while building coordinated CBPs that meet the network’s core principles.

EIN is currently supported by Nestle. To read more about this collaboration, please click here.

To download the EIN’s Private Partner Commitment Charter, please click here.