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Healthy Living (Chaim Barie) is a nation-wide initiative, led by the media, to encourage physical activity and healthy nutrition among children and families.

Twenty-six percent of Israeli children are categorized as either overweight or obese; Israel is graded last among 41 Western countries with regards to the proportion of 15-year-olds who are physically active on a regular basis (according to the professional guidelines). Compared to other Western countries, Israeli youth are less likely to eat breakfast before school and more likely to drink sweetened drinks at least once a day.

Children and adolescents from priority populations in the geographic and social periphery of Israel, demonstrate higher rates of obesity and lower rates of physical activity.

Tackling childhood obesity requires a normative cultural change, in which the media is a major player. This is why Ananey Communication, a leading television content provider in Israel, has decided to recruit its media platforms to lead this change on a nation-wide level.  Ananey runs TV channels geared towards toddlers (Nick Junior), children (Nickelodeon), teens (MTV Israel), women (Good Life, Health and Food Channels) and men (Ego). It also develops interactive media and owns a production firm.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

  1.   Branding of healthy behavior as fun, easy going, dynamic, family and community-orientated by using a light graphic language – the  three sides of the triangle which represent 1) drinking water 2) healthy eating habits and 3) regular physical activity.
  2.   Creating “media products” that would promote PA and healthy nutrition, and exposing them in the traditional media (TV channels as well as prime time documentary) and new media (YouTube, internet site hosted by the leading health site in the country, as well as the use of applications for smartphones).
  3.   Promoting special field activities to encourage healthy lifestyle in schools and the neighborhoods – parks, playgrounds and community centers. Field activities (school environmental change; active breaks; Zumba concerts etc.) led by “TV talents” would be filmed and televised to create clips, fillers and documentaries.

Maya Communications Ltd. Is the only stakeholder (100%) in Ananey Communications.  Ananey has led the development of the brand “Healthy Living,”without any financial partners and therefore owns it.

Ananey has, however, developed professional and strategic partnerships with the following bodies:

  1. The Center for Sports Medicine at Mount Scorpius, Hadassah Medical  Organization.
  2. Israel Cancer Association.
  3. IDA -Israeli Dietetic Association


Rachel WILF-MIRON, Professional Director Healthy Living

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