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EUROBIS makes cooking fun for the whole family!

eurobisEUROBIS from Italy has launched a new and exciting project “Who does shopping, who cooks and who eats” to promote healthy eating among Italian families. The project is a perfect interpretation of the philosophy EUROBIS is trying to communicate to its various focus groups.

Briefly, the project involves pupils from the third year of Primary Schools as follows: at school, they propose recipes using the ingredients indicated by EUROBIS: simple, natural and healthy ones.

The recipes are firstly prepared at home getting the family involved and later all the works are shown either on paper (with drawings and posters), or through videos and photos.
Furthermore, the recipes are prepared during cooking labs lasting a couple of hours, at the Università dei Sapori in Perugia (University of Flavours). Then, they are collected in a recipe book which will be widely distributed.

While the children prepare their dishes together with the chefs of the Università dei Sapori (University of Flavours), their parents can participate in meetings where EUROBIS’ nutritionists and dietitians promote healthy eating and inform on healthy foods.

The course is enriched with educational trips offered by EUORBIS in order to thank all the pupils for their collaboration. The places to visit are chosen for clear naturalistic interest and they are related to agricultural ingredients.

These trips will give the children the opportunity to establish a connection with the earth and its fruits. Perhaps this is the secret of the success of this project: children can understand the mechanism of the natural food chain.

Thus, we can define the project as a complete adventure involving all the leading social macro-sectors to the Epode approach, that is, actually “community based”, as follows: First of all, the involvement of schools and teachers; children working with food and preparing dishes by themselves, using simple and healthy ingredients, afterwards they can see their work shown in a graphically winning recipe book released on our on-line and off-line channels; parents, who can participate in instructive labs and help children in preparing recipes at home.

Enjoy cooking and learning with EUROBIS!