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Epode International Network

Board of Directors

The EIN Board of Directors is made up of 6 members, who are elected for a 3-year mandate. The Board is made up of professors, senators, social marketing experts and experts in the field of obesity prevention.

Tommy Visscher

EIN Board Advisor
Tommy Visscher is an Associate Professor Healthy Cities at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle, The Netherlands. He holds a MSc in Health Sciences and Epidemiology, and he obtained his PhD on the public health impact of obesity. As a postdoc he entered the field of prevention and health promotion. Tommy has served as president for the Netherlands Association for the Study of Obesity and as the Chair of the Prevention and Public Health Taskforce by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO). For EASO he has joined the EU-platform on healthy diet and physical activity and co-founded the Patient Council. For the EPODE International Network (EIN), Tommy served as a member of the scientific advisory board from its’ start. To date, he serves as a board member for EIN. For JOGG (JOGG/Youth at a Healthy Weight), he serves as the chair of the Scientific Advisory Board. His home-town Zwolle is the first JOGG city.

Armando Barriguete


MD, Ph.D, NCDs and Obesity Advisor to the Minister of Education

Dr Barriguete is an international expert in healthy behaviors and patterns to change. Swimming national champion and center American and Caribbean medals during youth and actual runner. As medical doctor, studies on psychiatry, psychoanalysis and eating disorders, master in psychotherapy and PhD in psychoanalysis. 168 publications as author and co-author. Officer Legion d’Honneur from France. Creating in 1986 the firs clinic for Eating Disorders (ED) in Mexico and Latin America in a National Institute (INCMyN). And ED national screening 2006 & 2011. He was the NCDs and Obesity advisor to the Minister of Health of Mexico (2007-2012) and currently to the Minister of Education (2012).
In 2011, we decided to create a NGO to promote prevention by CBI (community based interventions), and share experiences from all over the world, to tackle Obesity.

Emile Levy


MD PhD is Professor at the University of Montreal and Research Director of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Unit at the Sainte-Justine Mother-Child University Hospital, leader of an important research team.

He is also the Head of the Metabolic Health Axis of both the Sainte-Justine University Health Center  in Montreal and Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Quebec, Canada. Professor Levy is world-renowned for his research in the field of nutrition, lipid transport, lipoprotein metabolism and oxidative stress in relation with complex diseases, including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. He has published more than 300 articles and reviews in various prestigious journals and has participated in multiple international forums as illustrated by 550-600 abstracts presented in his CV.

Brigitte Bout


French Senator for Pas-de-Calais (Nord-Pas-de-Calais)

 Member of the committee on social affairs. Vice-President of the parliamentary office for evaluation of science and technology choices. Member of the delegation for women rights and for equality of opportunities between men and women. Member of the political group « Union pour un Mouvement Populaire ». She became senator on June 8th 2002, replacing Mr. Jean-Paul Delevoye who joined the government. She has done many propositions of law and resolution, interventions in public sessions, in committees and many reports. She is member of the study group on hunting and fishing, of the study group on waste management, and the study group on waterways. She is Vicarious President of the France–central Asia (Ouzbekistan) group, member of the France-Morocco, France-USA, France-Northern Europe and France-Jordan groups and member of the city council of Fleurbaix.

Jean-Michel Borys

EPODE Founder

MD, Proteines Scientific Director and EEN Director, medical doctor, specialised in Endocrinology, Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition.

He was the promoter and manager of “Fleurbaix Laventie Ville Santé Study”, a CBI aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle (Northern France, 1992-2004). He founded EPODE in 2003, the EEN in 2008 and EPHE in 2011. He has been an expert member in several governmental French agencies ANAES (National Agency for Health Evaluation and Accreditation). He is a member of scientific associations including the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association and the European Association for Study of Diabetes. He has published several books and publications in the field of obesity, prevention, diabetes and lipidology

Dennis Edell


CEO Rain43

Dennis is an advertising agency professional and an expert in behavior change marketing.He is recognized globally as an expert in integrated social marketing. As Ottawa chapter president of the American Marketing Association, he oversaw the establishment of North America’s first Social Marketing AMA chapter.Dennis has led social marketing/behaviour strategy and campaigns in both Canada and the U.S. that have successfully changed health, environment, safety and energy conservation behaviours. He has presented his work at social marketing forums and conferences in Canada, the U.S., Ireland and Australia.

Jan Vinck

Board Member & Scientific Committee Lead (BE)

Emeritus Professor Hasselt University – Doctor of Psychology

Main domain of research and activity is health psychology and more specifically the modification of health related behaviour, including stress, smoking, self-harm, nutrition and physical activity: “how can principles of behaviour modification that have been shown to be effective at an individual level be successfully used at a population level?”Former board member of European Association of Behaviour and Cognitive Therapy, European Health Psychology Society, and other national and international associations.Currently involved in community projects on nutrition and physical activity at the national  (Happy Body, Viasano) and international level (Epode International Network).Member of the Superior Health Council (Belgium).

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